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At Venus Fitness for Women, Mount Street, Mt Druitt is a Women Only Womens Fittness Centre designed by women presented by Female Staff and our program is designed to help the female build confidence in her success with everyday life. With each step at Venus Fitness, your motivation, self esteem and specifically your confidence will grow with every visit. At Venus Fitness for Women, we will encourage you to take back control of your health and fitness get that WOW factor back in your life.

At Venus Fitness for Women, Mt Druitt our exercise program allows even the busiest of women the opportunity to partake in a regular exercise program. Our workouts consist of a combination resistance training, of weight bearing equipment to improve strength and FUN through our motivational classes of cardiovascular exercise will move you and help burn those extra calories.


Venus Fitness for Women, Mt Druitt is a fully personalized, clean, supportive and relaxed female only environment, where you can easily get in shape or you can fulfill all your dreams and fitness desires. For every woman who is in need of a Women’s Personal Training Venus Mount Druitt staff are there to help, we can ensure you full support and boost up your confidence. We make sure that you get to work out in the most supportive and healthy environment to work. Our members are always happy that they are provided with the most comfortable and healthy space to work in our studio. Unlike the traditional Women’s Fitness Classes in Mount Druitt with a wider range of fitness classes, we ensure that each and everyday our customers get the maximum benefit out of Venus Fitness.

Each and every piece of equipment at Venus Women’s Gym Mount Druitt is designed to cater all your unique needs and we make sure that all our women customers are completely satisfied with all the services they receive with us. Our services vary from Zumba, Aerobics, Jungle Body, Step, Pump, Stretching and flexibility exercises and much more. For awe-inspiring FUN and energizing classes and Women’s Group Training Mount Druitt, our gym is the first choice for a first class experience.

Are you ready for a fun and completely women oriented Gym Venus Mount Druitt experience?

Contact us now and we can arrange you a faster result that could help you maximize the level of your fitness help you reach your goals faster and through exercise in a group enviorment help you enhance your mental and physical health. Not just look fresh, feel fresh and always be at your best with Venus Fitness for Women, Mt Druitt.



Do your own thing with access throughout the day and these days, with so many demands on a women’s time, a quick 20 minute session at Venus Fitness for Women is the perfect way to regroup, recharge and restore balance to your day.

Do a session on your way home from work that will help increase energy and reduce stress of the day with staff that will encourage you to work out. After all we want you to train here and brag about Venus Fitness for Women.

Thanks to our relaxed express workout, you can get back to your day quickly, feeling relaxed… energized… and ready to go.

Personal Training Dumb Bells


Venus Fitness for Women, offer Personal Training to both one on one to individuals and if you want to split the cost with friends do a group session with your choice of staff. So if the gym membership isn’t your style then come in and book your Personal Training sessions, you can come and meet the trainers and go on from there. Our trainers will make sure you get the best possible workout for your needs. They will track your progress and help you with a healthy eating plan with healthy eating tips along the way, that you will be surprised that how much you can eat and never feel hungry again.

Female Personal Training, Usually around $65 per session for 1 hour but talk with trainers and strike a deal with packages that will suit you. If you want to use Personal Training at Venus Gym packages available to use both Personal Training and Female Gym Facilities.

Core Strength Exercise


At Venus Fitness for Women we like to focus on core strength as it helps burn off those calories faster and increases metabolism, so when your not training your still losing those extra KGs or that dress fits better, core strength is very important in every aspect of our lives. Some examples are simply bending to put your shoes on, looking behind, having a healthy back, good posture, balance and stability.



You won’t find big stacks of heavy weights in our studio. Our equipment is designed especially for women and features both positive and negative resistance, to ensure you maximize the value of every minute, and see faster results.