Achievement means alot to the Venus Fitness Team

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client lost 12 kgs 6% body fat in 4 months

Have you ever lift a 12 kgs or more kettle bell?
After our client lost 12 kgs 6% body fat in 4 months.
Jenny trainer at Venus Fitness for Women, gave Steph a kettle bell and said this was what she was carrying around she never realised that she has been dragging that heavy weight on her 24/7 for years.

No wonder the body age was so high!

Thanks to the staff at Venus Fitness for Women both past and present making a difference in all our clients health and wellbeing its not just the work out, its the female touch at Venus Fitness for Women we are asking clients to go that extra and look into their eating habits and with a little help and advise all our success stories are increasing.

😆This is so shocking but inspiring!