Belly and Bum Blitz and ZUMBA

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Renee Bresil 3-2018

What a catch Bresil is with her enthusiastic work ethic she puts the grove into our ladies with her way of getting into the grove even if your not a dancer you will be coming away with a smile on your face.

Renee has shed off 2kgs  in two weeks after taking the BBBlitz challenge and with the right nutritional advise has also shed cms off as well with our regular weigh and measures. This ladies Fitness centre is progressing well. Bresil said “from the first day we met at my Zclass (ZUMBA) I knew I could make a difference …👏👏
I’m sooooo proud of you Renee!!!”

So ladies its not too late to help your friends with some great trainers you too can improve your fitness and health with 20 min a day from your busy schedule. At Venus Fitness for Women we try to customise each individual with our Personal Trainers ready to do that one on one you may need to get the results you need. Set those goals high ladies join us now with the Belly and Bum Blitz 14 Days for $7 to kick start you health and Fitness.