Hi my name is Nicole I’ve been with the girls from Venus Fitness for Women for the past 4 years. In that time I have tried all of the classes and the personal training they offer. I enjoy the challenge of never knowing what’s to come. I can attend and do a 30 minute circuit or I can stay as long as I desire.
The trainers at Venus Fitness for Women are always making improvements to their exercise programs this makes going there very interesting and so rewarding.
I’m also very lucky to have a mentor who gives me information about my healthy eating plan and is always on hand to ask questions and to help me overcome and hurdles I may encounter in regards to my nutrition and healthy eating principals.

Nicole E, Loyal member

On making the decision to lose weight, I entered the fitness center weighing in at 174kgs plus and it was then that I met the trainers at Venus Fitness for Women.
I believe this was the first day of the rest of my life. I had low self esteem and was very unhappy and didn’t believe that losing the weight was possible.
The trainers at Venus Fitness for Women took a different view they could sense my lack of will and motivation and encouraged me to START.
Week one they started with baby steps encouraging me to do the things I could do and that I was comfortable with, they gave me some healthy eating options and encouraged me to try new things.
3 years on and over 55 kgs lighter I have a new approach to life, my self esteem is much better in fact I now encourage others to lose weight.
I decided that if the trainers could help me as I was a broken women I can help others.
I am currently doing my fitness certificate to become a Personal trainer and life has never been better.
I would like to say thank you to all who have mentored me over the past 3 years I now live life and do things I never though I could.


I was attending another gym when I heard about Venus Fitness for Women, so I decided to go check it out. To my surprise I found a quant little gym, ladies only, great classes and some dedicated instructors doing amazing things for women. I was offered a free trial workout, from that day I haven’t looked back. I enjoy getting up at 6am every morning to attend the early bird classes. Every morning is different and ¬†starts my day with a boost of energy that is so rewarding and helps me get through my busy work schedule. Thanks guys your dedication and the vision you had to inspire so many women is remarkable.

Sue H, Project Manager

I am a 60 year old woman and had no intention of ever attending a gym. I thought that was for the young. I went along to Venus Fitness for Women with my daughter who attends on a regular basis and loves it.
She was given a 5 day trial certificate of which she gladly passed onto me.
It was under some pressure and reluctance that I attended. I was told I had nothing to lose.
Well 2 years on I am in the best shape of my life and now enter charity runs and l can do things I never thought possible. I will admit I was proven wrong. Cheers to the trainers at Venus Fitness for Women.

Linda P, Retired

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Venus Fitness For Women is all about helping you look and feel your best. Our classes are many and varied and we tailor them to suit your level of fitness. Our friend ly team of trainers will help design the perfect classes for you to achieve your health and fitness goals and help put the spring back in your step.




At Venus Fitness for Women Our #ZUMBA classes with Bresil and JJ are fun and suitable for all levels of fitness. It is the Latin dance moves along with every day exercises that make this class one of our most popular.

It’s the easy to follow moves using the Latin beat which creates a dynamic fitness routine. The program will blow you away with the energy that is used. It’s a body energising, awe-inspiring class meant to engage and captivate. Routines and session training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning maximum calories, it is fun and the Bresil and JJ is full of energy and support.



Venus Fitness female fitness our group training is a good way to do the hard work in a fun atmosphere. Our Female trainers teaching you the moves so you do not feel alone and can modify, while you do the work. Sounds like fun it is! Most classes consist of cardio and resistance training with the circuit training you are using a range of equipment to suit you in all levels of fitness.

Our equipment is designed especially for women and features both positive and negative resistance, to ensure you maximize the value of every minute, our focus is on toning the body this way you get faster results.



At Venus Fitness for Women, Mt Druitt, you have many options when it comes to improving your fitness, your vitality and even the way you feel when you wake up in the morning. Here are a few of the reasons why our members love being a part of Venus Fitness for Women, Mt Druitt.

Venus Fitness For Women, Mt Druitt is all about helping you look and feel your best at all times. Our motivational women’s fitness classes are heaps more than other gyms, many fun and varied, we tailor each class to suit all levels of fitness. Get that Body started with HiiT, PUMP, STEP or Strength and Conditioning. We also run FITBALL and PILATES but our most popular is ZUMBA and BOOTCAMP. Our Venus all Female Staff are a friendly team of trainers will design the perfect classes for you to achieve your health and fitness goals and help put the spring back in your step.

Weather your goals are set already or Venus Fitness for Women Staff can help you set and meet your goals with regular weigh and Measures that keep you on track and get back to where you feel your best. This is our way of improving our Women’s Only Fitness business is you, the better you look and Feel the better we look in the Fitness Industry.