Group Fitness

Whatever your goals, our gym is designed on women’s fitness to ensure you get results from a women’s gym. Whether it’s simply fitting some exercise into your busy lifestyle, or losing some weight, we’ll create a plan just for you.

Venus Fitness for Women, plan includes your ideal workout, plus it gives you a diet and eating guide. Your first two sessions with Venus Fitness for Women are booked in, so we can take you step by step through everything we have to offer in health and fitness for women. We make sure you’ll be confident to do the workout on your own, with staff on hand for advice or that chat!

VENUS Fitness for Women staff, take pride in the female only studio environment and you will find that it is always clean and immaculate. We believe that in a clean and ordered environment, you’re free to focus on your fitness session.

To experience VENUS Fitness for Women for yourself, arrange your Belly and Butt Blitz, 14 days for $7 trial that includes, weigh and Measure at the start to we can gauge where you are now and a nutritional consultation take home exercises that make the gym experience worth the $145 for only $7 by simply calling 02 9832 4416 or fill out contact page and send that email, we will have one of our staff contact you and get you started.