For Mums

Special Classes can be arranged with our Personal Trainer to get back to your Pre-Pregnancy fitness that will help you reshape your body. While spending quality time with your off spring, seriously what could be better.
At Venus fitness for women we strive at achieving to get women back into shape through exercise with your child present. It is simple to start you can come down and achieve the old you with a new approach. You can build your strength as baby gets bigger you get stronger and doing this together will help build the bond between mums and bubs.
The Studio has full time staff geared for women’s fitness, so if you thinking of doing in a class or one on one or as mums and bubs are concerned two on one training. Our class is flexible with the time from 1:30pm till 2:30pm for you to come in and do the training needed to get those extra KG off and build a stronger body.
Start that healthy relationship between mum and bub strait away no time like today. With some incredible women’s fitness classes at Venus Fitness for Women Mt Druitt!
Our program incorporates you babies & children into the class. We cater for new born babies, all the way up to school age children. We provide a fun environment where mums can exercise and build women’s health & fitness with their little ones by their side.
• Increase fitness
• Improve muscle tone
• Improve energy levels
• Boost self esteem
• Develop strength
• Improve endurance
• Lose weight
• Reduce stress
• Faster post-natal recovery
• Meet new friends

Classes incorporate babies & children into the workouts, if babies are sleeping they can park near you in the pram, or with baby in a baby carrier or holding your baby. Toddlers will tend to join in and copy mum doing the exercises or they also enjoy playing with the