Why Belly and Butt Blitz is Working

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The ALL NEW Venus Fitness for Women Body Blitz, has been designed to include everything you need to get great results and change your life, one step at a time. It has been designed for busy women (Just like you!) who want to see a change in their bodies and minds to achieve the body they really deserve!
Just remember, these things take time and effort- If you put
in the time and the effort, you will begin to see the results you want. The healthy habits you will develop throughout the Blitz will help you to make informed healthy lifestyle choices.
There are many things that attribute to be the best you possible including consistent exercise, healthy foods, sleeping, reducing stress, limiting alcohol and thinking positive. It is important to be aware that all of these will contribute to the
way you look and feel.
Tips for a positive mindset during the Blitz:
Write yourself positive, inspirational mantras and stickthem where you can see them every day, repeat these to yourself. Some great motivational ones include;
If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it!
Eliminate negative words from your vocabulary. Rememberthe key is to stay positive.
Be nicer to yourself, as women we are our own worst critics. During the Blitz treat yourself just as you would treat your friends and family, with encouragement andmotivation. Every morning wake up and tell yourself 3 things you love about YOU!
Focus your energy only on the things you have the power to change. If you find your energy is wasted worrying about things that cannot be changed, look for smaller more positive focuses that you can make changes to, one step at a time.
Shift your focus from being critical of the small things that get to you throughout your day to looking at all the great things that happened during your day. If something happens that upsets you, stop, take a deep breath, count to 10 and then decide how you are going to react. Remember that you are shaped by 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it!
At Venus Fitness for Women we do make the difference every women is looking for.